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Can't install the RTP it said that I must be logged as administrator first

Have you tried right clicking the .exe and clicking "Run as administrator"? Depending on your admin settings it may or may not help.

Tysm! I can play it now yay!!!!

I'm glad it worked!! :D Enjoy!


I literally made an account just to leave a comment on this game. I haven't had such good time playing a game in YEARS. I love the story, I love the false sense of security and how you aren't safe despite it being a cheerful day and lots of people around you. I also love the length. I spent over 12 hours on it because I wanted to throughly explore everything. The characters are amazing, the spooks are amazing, the writing. UGH. I wanna erase my memory of this game just to be able to relive it again. Great job!!! I'm looking forward to more games from you.

I'm so happy you loved the game so much!! Thank you for your lovely comment :D I'm about 80% done with my next game so please look forward to it in the coming months!!

Whenever I press download, it just says thanks for downloading and doesn't download, could ya help me with this?

Your browser's probably blocking the popup. Try this direct link instead if you don't want to fiddle with your settings.

Thank you! I hope the games amazing! :)

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Really great stuff. I loved the writing, some great humour mixed in made it very entertaining and the characters were well written and interesting to get to know. The soundtrack was awesome too.

 I also admired how much extra detail you put into NPC and environmental descriptions and dialogue, that's always a huge bonus for me personally with RPG Maker games. I especially liked the Senior Prank quest, already knew the right characters for several of the roles just from talking with them before, hah.

 I did think you were joking about the long playtime but when I had only just reached the end of day two and nothing even remotely horrifying had happened yet at around 2 and a half hours I knew that definitely wasn't the case, heh. All in all, excellent work and well worth playing for any RPG Maker horror fans. Nice job!


Thank you for the super sweet comment!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, and I'm really grateful that you commented about the soundtrack because that part was the most fun for me to make :D

I have another game on my profile that's getting a demo soon; it's similar in that it's a slow descent into darker territory (although not quite as "horror-y"), so if you like this game and don't mind traditional JRPGs you might want to check that out too!