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Hey, just wanted to let you know that there's a glitch on day one after school in the social studies room (link).

I'm aware of this bug but I am not currently making any more updates to the game. Thanks and enjoy your magical transforming flower pot! :D;;


It reminds me of the character who wants to make swords in the art room, so I'll just pretend that they got there way and made a sword :)

So it's been a while since I played this game but I have to write something about it. I played a lot of RPG Maker games but I never spent that much time on any of them. My time in game was more than 16 hours. Not because it was particularly hard but because of small details and events that I HAD to check. I got all endings and replayed it just to check how the game would go if I chose girls in different order. Not to mention how nice and helpful developer is. Honestly this game should be as popular as bigger RPG horror titles such as Mad Father or Yume Nikki because of it's complex and interesting story and variety of small details that make it amazing. Developer put much work into this game and it shows. I just hope that some day it becomes more known and popular. <3 

Hey QZ production can you give me the game file without the RTP file bro so I can play it in Joiplay It worked before without RTP so give me the download link without RTP

I'm not sure I understand what you're asking for, the RTP files have to be downloaded for the game to run...

can you make a version without RTP bro I cant play this game in my android phone on Joiplay the game worked in version 1.2 so can you pls make an version without RTP bro

I'm not currently making any more changes, fixes, or updates to the game, as I have other responsibilities and projects to attend to. The differences between versions are not that big, so you're welcome to keep using version 1.2 (you should be able to access older builds to download as I haven't gotten rid of them).

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I really enjoy this game but I have a problem. In 4th loop when you have to break vending machine with baseball bat I cannot do this. I only can choose apple, elevator key or poems... I wanna continue the game but I can't and I don't wanna start over. What can I do?

Do you have the baseball bat in your inventory? If you don't, go up to the art room, walk above the cracked area as best as you can, and grab the bat there next to a shelf. If the bat IS in your inventory, and you can't select it... that's when we'd have a game breaking bug, but I can fix those if you send me your save file!

I have both wallet and bat in my inventory I just can't use neither of them. Do I send you my file via e-mail or...?

Are you trying to use it from the item menu or after you examine the vending machine? You'll need to select it from a prompt that pops up when you examine it. If that STILL doesn't work, then there's probably a variable error, and you can send me your file at :D

After examine of course but to be shure I also checked item menu just in case. I'll try to send you my file :)

I sent it back, along with an explanation of what I think went wrong :)

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I don't even remember how I found this game, I don't play many rpg maker games in general, or have the patience to get into them.  But this has been stuck in my head for like a year. Never imagined I would have put 8+ hours (plus more for multiple replays) into this when I first started, but I'm so glad I stuck with it.

The scares are decent, which is what I think drew me to the game initially, but I found myself sucked into the plot and atmosphere.  The pacing and momentum of the shifting world is really effective. All the little scene cards and altered "reboot" title sequences are humble and cute, but do a lot to build tone.  The choice of paintings for the jigsaw scenes was perfect. The character writing is extremely well done.  They're all distinct even though they're playing off of old tropes, and I really did grow to like them.  Which made the turns hit so hard.  

I dunno dude, there's something about the layered tragedy of this game that has stuck with me for a long time.  It puts me in wistful state, where I imagine an idealized version of my highschool days, corrupted by the very real and painful traumas that I think a lot of us at least brushed up against in life.   It's hitting something in my core which I guess means its a really good work of art lol.

Again, this type of game isn't really in my wheelhouse, but I'm shocked I don't see it talked about more with how well-executed the concept is.  I hope you keep making games because you truly know how to tell a story with them.

edit: oh yeah and the soundtrack, of course.  The OST is amazingly well done in terms of fitting and enhancing the tone.  There's so much love, work and care that obviously went into the making of this game.  The dev room at the end was a great little peek into how much careful planning went into this.

e2: wow sorry, just realized you have another title, Turovero.  checking that out ASAP

Wow, thank you for the lovely comment! I'm glad the game resonated with you so well. I did essentially make this to be "High School Was Awful, The Game (tm)" so I guess your reactions means I succeeded in that respect? lol

I hope you enjoy Turovero just as much! :D If nothing else, it has better artwork

Great game!  Creative, creepy, very well written.  I only wish I had read the walk through first before playing because I missed the first quest.  

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)


This is one of my favourite rpg games and it won't change for nothing :3

Thank you!! I'm so glad you love it so much :D <3

Can't install the RTP it said that I must be logged as administrator first

Have you tried right clicking the .exe and clicking "Run as administrator"? Depending on your admin settings it may or may not help.

Tysm! I can play it now yay!!!!

I'm glad it worked!! :D Enjoy!


I literally made an account just to leave a comment on this game. I haven't had such good time playing a game in YEARS. I love the story, I love the false sense of security and how you aren't safe despite it being a cheerful day and lots of people around you. I also love the length. I spent over 12 hours on it because I wanted to throughly explore everything. The characters are amazing, the spooks are amazing, the writing. UGH. I wanna erase my memory of this game just to be able to relive it again. Great job!!! I'm looking forward to more games from you.

I'm so happy you loved the game so much!! Thank you for your lovely comment :D I'm about 80% done with my next game so please look forward to it in the coming months!!

Whenever I press download, it just says thanks for downloading and doesn't download, could ya help me with this?

Your browser's probably blocking the popup. Try this direct link instead if you don't want to fiddle with your settings.

Thank you! I hope the games amazing! :)

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Really great stuff. I loved the writing, some great humour mixed in made it very entertaining and the characters were well written and interesting to get to know. The soundtrack was awesome too.

 I also admired how much extra detail you put into NPC and environmental descriptions and dialogue, that's always a huge bonus for me personally with RPG Maker games. I especially liked the Senior Prank quest, already knew the right characters for several of the roles just from talking with them before, hah.

 I did think you were joking about the long playtime but when I had only just reached the end of day two and nothing even remotely horrifying had happened yet at around 2 and a half hours I knew that definitely wasn't the case, heh. All in all, excellent work and well worth playing for any RPG Maker horror fans. Nice job!


Thank you for the super sweet comment!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, and I'm really grateful that you commented about the soundtrack because that part was the most fun for me to make :D

I have another game on my profile that's getting a demo soon; it's similar in that it's a slow descent into darker territory (although not quite as "horror-y"), so if you like this game and don't mind traditional JRPGs you might want to check that out too!