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Long ago, our world was created, born from the wishes and dreams of four benevolent gods. From Their hands sprang forth life; from Their imagination, a purpose for that life. Under the guidance of the Four Gods, the land flourished. The people used Their generous gifts to cultivate the land, to raise mighty kingdoms, and to live among one another in peace and harmony.

However, this era of prosperity was not to last. From the depths of darkness rose an aberration - the Dark One, a being which embodied the antithesis of all that the Four Gods had wished for: Pain. Loneliness. Hatred. Fear. Despair. In its malice and depravity, it clawed its way to the top of Turovero, a tower which rose endlessly to the gates of Heaven, before usurping the throne of the Gods at its summit and casting Them away.

Under the influence of the Dark One, the people now knew true despair. The land grew barren, the kingdoms waged war, and society began its slow descent into destruction. To this day, no one knows for certain what happened to the Four Gods who gave life to our world.

Yet not all hope is lost. Even now, the Celestial Tower still stands, waiting for its chosen warriors to free it from the Dark One’s grasp. You who now stand before the gates of destiny, before the eyes of Heaven and the heart of darkness itself… what will you risk to make the light of truth shine brightly once again?


Turovero: The Celestial Tower is a freeware, dark fantasy role-playing game created with RPG Maker VX Ace.

Players will take on the role of four young adventurers - Sigurd, a brave and kind-hearted knight, Leilia, a gentle and motherly cleric, Edric, a gifted yet sharp-tongued mage, and Ruby, a cheeky, fun-loving thief - who have no recollection of their lives prior to meeting one another. Determined to free their world from the influence of an ancient evil, the Dark One, the group sets forth on their most perilous journey yet as they climb the mysterious divine tower, Turovero.

However, as the heroes ascend the Celestial Tower, they begin to realize that not everything is as it seems. Just what is the Dark One that plagues their world so, and what truly happened to the Four Gods of legend? The answers to these questions lie in wait for them at the top of the tower… but do they truly want to discover them?

Turovero: The Celestial Tower will feature:

  • A marriage of some of the best elements of RPG Maker games:
    the dungeon-crawler gameplay and aesthetic of old-school JRPGs with the mystery, intrigue, and macabre elements of the RPG Horror genre.
  • An original, dark, psychological story with multiple routes and endings, determined by player choices, exploration, and even battle outcomes.
  • All-original title, character, enemy, and cutscene artwork by a team of talented artists:
  • An entirely original soundtrack.
  • Environmental puzzle solving requiring the player to use character skills to their advantage.
  • A wide variety of optional, character-centric scenes to expand the story and affect its outcome.

Important Note: While not strictly a horror game, Turovero will contain light horror elements as well as scenes of violence and other sensitive topics. It is recommended for players aged 14 and up.

Full Version (1.2) Now Available!


Official Tumblr Blog
Game Jolt Homepage
RPGMaker.net Homepage


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I just finished playing one Route (Leilia) and I must say, this game is freaking AMAZING ! And even when I'm done with one route, there's still more to discover so I'l definitely play some more :)


Thanks!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! :D Let me know if you enjoy the other routes!


I just finished Ruby's route, there's so many emotions in every ending that almost bring me to tears, but this time I got Edric (He's my favorite character♡) and Leilia to be a couple so at least I got to see something good :)


YAY YOU GOT THEM TOGETHER I'M SO PROUD OF YOU and Edric thanks you because now he gets some sweet elven booty /shot

I'm also glad the endings resonate so well with you and that you liked the game enough to replay it again so soon! :D

(1 edit) (+1)

After I accidently destroyed my ship in my first gameplay ( I was too naïve to expect THAT kind of plot twist xD) I just HAD to give these two the happy ending they deserve for their love story, but I definitely do not regret my first gameplay since I still got to see some emotional and cute sides of Edric (Especially with Ruby teasing him all the time x3)

Ps : I am not ready to see a dark Edric yet so I'll definitely take time to prepare myself before starting his route x)


Oh you'd better believe Ruby is their biggest shipper lmao. If you listen carefully you can hear her go "OH COME OOOOOOOOOON" every time Edric avoids confessing. ;)


Y'all better be playing this game or else!!!!! >:c



Hey QZ, is this still in production? As you know, I super enjoyed Prom Dreams and would be interested in seeing where this one goes too!


It is! I just haven't updated the devblog on this site or GameJolt because, well... nobody actually views the pages here and it's not worth the effort to simultaneously update the devblogs. :(

For the most up to date progress info you're better off checking out the official Tumblr blog, RPG Maker.net page, or Twitter.  I've been putting updates (and silly memes) on these sites because they give me the most traffic. Hope this helps!