Devblog Update (aka WHERE ARE THE UPDATES??)

So over the past several months I haven't been updating the devblogs for Turovero on either or GameJolt - but rest assured that the game is well into production (around 45% completion at this point) and updates HAVE been posted on the official Tumblr blog, RPG page, and Twitter.

However, because and GameJolt account for an extremely small proportion of traffic and an even smaller proportion of responses, comments, and most importantly downloads, I've decided to focus on updating the pages listed above instead because, really, there's no point updating a blog that's barely read, lol.

So I guess this is an official notice that the devblog on this site for Turovero will no longer be updated, save for major releases. For ongoing updates, please head to either the official Tumblr blog, RPG page, or Twitter.


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