Turovero: The Celestial Tower Version 1.1 is now available for download!

Changelog for Version 1.1:

  • Fixed the battle intro effect to the way it was intended to be, since, fool that I am, I accidentally compressed it LOL.
  • The Monster Repellent timer will now pause and resume before / after major cutscenes and scripted battles, meaning their effect will no longer be cancelled out prematurely. Thanks to Shaz for the script!
  • Conversely, I’ve also made it so that you can’t break timed puzzles by using a Monster Repellent during them.
  • Fixed the Sniper glitch on the second floor which causes 2 switches to activate at once.
  • Made statues in the second floor’s boss chamber breakable because… uh… reasons?
  • Made the path to the Rose Garden’s campfire area a bit more salient because people keep missing it for some reason…
  • Fixed errors involving the use of Warp Gems on floors three and four.
  • Fixed a minor bust portrait error on the fourth floor.
  • Fixed a few minor graphical errors during the fifth floor cutscenes (no more sword teddy bears!).
  • Fixed a game breaking bug on one version the seventh floor.
  • Fixed some minor dialogue errors in the Final Spring of Truths.
  • Fixed an emote bubble error on the eighth floor.
  • You can now view the Memory Journal in the Developer’s Room.
  • Character dialogue in the Developer’s Room will now occur in a set order rather than in a random order.
  • Spelling and grammar fixes.

Known (though rare) issues I’m aware of, but don’t currently have a fix for:

  • Videos may sometimes crash the game; videos are in the native .ogv format so I’m not sure how to handle this one. Thankfully this seems to only happen very rarely, and if it does it will usually work again upon rebooting the game.
  • Input to get out of the menu may not work correctly if certain buttons are pressed; based on research this is an issue with VX Ace games in general when other programs are running in the background. It’s suggested that spamming shift may help with the issue, as would closing any potentially interfering background programs.


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Jul 18, 2019

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