Demo Version 0.2 Released!

An update for the Turovero Demo has been released, with various tweaks and fixes for balance, quality of life as well as bug fixes!

Change Log:

  • Enemies now have slightly less HP (50-100 points fewer for normal enemies, 200-500 for the bosses). A main complaint was battles lasting for too long, so I hope to trim them down to a bit more tolerable of a length with this.

  • All battle skills (except for Leilia’s) will now take a fraction less MP for each use. For the demo, the difference won’t be much, but it will hopefully help with the rampant MP consumption that the game tends to lend itself to, especially with the field skills to consider.

  • Ruby now has a slightly higher Max MP cap/growth rate, though she does still have the lowest of the group.

  • Enemies will drop a very small additional amount of Silver (1-5 for normal enemies and about 50 for bosses) to hopefully make money grinding a bit less necessary.

  • Sigurd’s “Defender” skill description now specifies the criteria for it to work (i.e. the targeted ally must have less than 30% HP remaining) to avoid confusion.

  • You now get an extra Monster Repellant at the start of the game.

  • Certain "decor" statues that you couldn't break with Stonecleaver before are now breakable. Why? Because consistency. You still won't find anything under them. :P

  • Random encounter rate in the Frozen Chamber's labyrinth room has been decreased slightly.

  • Timing and synch issues with the moving torch puzzle have been addressed.

  • Various minor graphical errors (e.g. incorrect screen tint, incorrect sprites) have been fixed.

  • That one plant in the Frozen Chamber no longer activates another plant simultaneously.

  • One of the Sniper points that wasn't working as intended has been fixed.


Turovero: The Celestial Tower (Demo Version) (V 0.2) 140 MB
Oct 01, 2017

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