Character Introduction: Sigurd

Whew… Looks like we’ve finally made it, guys. The Celestial Tower, Turovero… they say few have ever made it to the gates alive, and even fewer have returned. The fact that we even made it this far is nothing short of a miracle…

Sigurd’s only remaining memory is that he was once a knight in the service of a great kingdom, and his code of conduct reflects that. Honest and noble to a fault, he will always speak the truth – even when it would be more diligent to lie – and is constantly helping others – even when they don’t need it.  While these tendencies sometimes get on the others’ nerves (especially Edric’s), they know they couldn’t ask for a truer, more genuine companion.  Despite his profession, he is also a skilled musician who enjoys playing the dulcimer in his spare time. He is skilled in the ways of the sword and has a strong constitution, but his bulky knight’s armor slows him down quite a bit.

Sigurd’s special ability is “Stonecleaver”, which can be used to clear obstacles made from stone within the tower.

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