Character Introduction: Leilia

Indeed. I was beginning to think we would never reach this place. The journey was long and hard, but it’s thanks to the mercy of the Four Gods that we were able to get here. We’ll need to remember to give thanks when we can. Then, hopefully, They will continue to grant us Their protection inside of the tower.

Leilia, an Elven druid, does not remember her tribe or who she was before meeting the other heroes; the only thing she does remember is her connection with the spirits of nature, giving her an ability to use healing and earth-based magic. She is incredibly empathetic and has a warm, motherly air about her, which is exemplified by the way she dotes on (or coddles, depending on who you ask) her companions. But while she is a mother hen in the truest sense, she is also a mother bear, who can become fiercely protective – even possessive – of her friends under the right circumstances. Her hobbies include tea blending and brewing, a talent she is always willing to share with her friends. While the spirits of the land give her good luck and resistance to evil forces, she is physically quite fragile.

Leilia’s special ability is “Undergrowth”, which can be used to accelerate the growth of plant life within the tower.

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