Character Introduction: Ruby

So what are you saying? That we should just give up and go home? As if! We worked way too hard to get here, and you KNOW what’s at stake!  Not to mention, if we go back now, without defeating the Dark One, we’ll be a laughingstock! I’d never be able to look a cute girl in the face again…!

Ruby is a classic example of a thief with a heart of gold; although she doesn’t know how she learned her trade or what sorts of nefarious activities she was a part of, she’s resolved to use her thieving skills for good by thwarting other bandits’ raids and reclaiming stolen goods for their original owners. She has a very bold, plucky attitude, acting as a cheerleader of sorts for the group when times get tough.  This same enthusiasm, however, often gets her into trouble, as she has a tendency to head into dangerous situations unprepared. She’s most well known for her salacious tavern hijinks, but she is also a skilled cook, often treating the group to warm, hearty meals on their travels. Ruby is the swiftest of the group, but she also has the lowest magical aptitude, making her weak against enemy spells.

Ruby’s special ability is “Sniper”, which allows her to hit long-distance objects with her bow and arrows within the tower.

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