Character Introduction: Ami

…Oh, right, I should probably introduce myself, shouldn’t I? Eheheh… The name’s Ami - that’s “Ah-mee”! - and this is my faithful canine companion, Francis! We’ve traveled the world looking for a place to set up shop - and now that you’re here, I think we’ve finally found it…!

Within the labyrinthine dungeons of Turovero, our heroes meet an unexpected new ally - the Elven merchant girl, Ami, and her dog Francis. Although evasive at best when questioned by the group, Ami claims to be a “merchant of great repute” despite her young age, and she certainly has the goods to back up her story. She provides the party not only with the items, weapons, and armor they’ll need on their quest, but also a certain level of companionship. Despite her cheeky, playful attitude, she also displays rare moments of wisdom far beyond her years…

Get Turovero: The Celestial Tower

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