The demo is almost finished!!

The Demo Version of Turovero: The Celestial Tower is (almost) 100% complete!!

But anyway, yes, the demo of Turovero is complete, stable, and very  nearly ready to launch! I’m SUPER excited to be able to release it  soon!! :D

You’ll notice I said “almost” and “nearly” because I’m currently waiting on two things:

  • Title art, which is very much under way (and looks fab so far, btw!); however, thanks to a little seaside squall we’ll call Irma and the resulting power outages, the artist hasn’t been able to finish it just yet. (She’s safe, thankfully, and once again, her blog is caffeineandcarpaltunnel on Tumblr if you wanna support her and maybe get some cool artstuffs!)
  • Beta testing, which some of our lovely artists have offered to help me with, to make sure that the demo runs relatively smoothly before release.

My current goal is to have the demo out by or before October 1st, 2017 - however, this is subject to change based on the title artist’s power  situation and other factors. Please be sure to look forward to it, and  thanks for all of your support!

(Also I was gonna post a screenshot but the uploader won't let me for some reason... :T)

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